2 May 2013

Aloha, haere tatou e arearea?

 Cuatro semanas! And I will be again in Spain at the Screamin' Rockabilly festivals. It's my 5th year on the row there. What a great way to start a summer :) This year I'm planning to participate to a Tahitian and Hawaiian dance workshops with the Te Ori Tiare dancers. We will learn a fun and stylish hawaiian 50's choreographie. Workshops also include studies of tahitian Ote’a performance with drums.
I had a peek from the youtube of  a Tahitian dancing and it looks like fun! And the workshop is on my birthday. Double FUN! Can't wait.

Have a happy week (what's left of it). Below a photo I took at the Calella beach last year. For more Click!

Aloha, haere tatou e arearea? (would you like to dance with me)

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